SHEPH book drive results

America enjoys a literacy rate of nearly 99%, but some third world countries are not so fortunate. Uganda has a literacy rate of only 67%, according to the UN human development report, and Ames High students are doing their best to help increase it. Students Helping to Eliminate Poverty and Hunger (SHEPH) hosted a book drive that ended Dec. 16. According to SHEPH co-leader Cierra Freeman, the book drive went well. They received a lot of donations, including the entire Harry Potter series. The donated materials will be sent to a community center in Malaba, Uganda. The book drive will probably not be a yearly event, but SHEPH has many other events in store for this year. "Future SHEPH [events] involve more coffee sales and working for a school in Chennai, India," Freeman said. "SHEPH is also in the planning stages of a school wide dance co-hosted with Student Council and 100th Green Butterfly, including the local band Super Robot Baby," Freeman said. "This will occur in the spring."