French and German exchanges need host families

The French summer exchange program and German 1st semester exchange still need families willing to open their homes to high schoolers eager to learn about America. The French exchange is during the summer from July 7-28; host families can choose either to pick a certain number of weeks or host for three weeks. The Germans come in mid-August, at latest 5-7 days before the start of school, and leave right before Christmas. “Honestly, I can’t say that I would’ve gone on to do German if I didn’t [do the exchange].” German teacher Herr Reichart said. “That’s what made it all real for me. There’s only so much you can simulate in the classroom.” The field is open to anyone in search of a unique experience. “First we want to recruit from French speakers,” French teacher Madame Dobernecker said, “but any family with a teenager can apply. First and foremost [they] must have a desire for cultural exchange.” In this year’s German exchange, 15 year olds Judith and Clemens have signed up and as of now still need host families. Currently it’s a first-come, first-serve situation, although that may change if the kids aren’t hosted by April. “It’s just an opportunity to forever change somebody’s life.” Reichart said. “I wouldn’t want to see us have to turn people away from having this life-changing experience.” For more information on the German exchange contact Sam Reichart at [email protected] For information on the French exchange contact Stacy Dobernecker at [email protected]