Girl’s Soccer Introduces New Head Coach

Boys’ tennis isn’t the only the sport getting a new coach. After 8 years of coaching girls soccer, Coach Kenny Graham has resigned and decided to move on with other endeavors in his life. With a strong core of returning players and several talented incoming freshmen, the 2010 girls soccer season is already looking pretty peachy. And with an experienced new coach ready to impart bits of footballin’ wisdom, don’t be too surprised when the girls make it farther at state this year than any other. And who is this qualified new individual, ready to work some magic? Who is going to hone the girls soccer talents of Ames High? Who’s got the skills and knowledge? Who else, but Gary Eyles? Born in Bristol, England, Gary first came over on a soccer scholarship to play Division II at Florida Tech. He first started coaching younger players when he was 16, working as an apprentice professional. He also has an array of credentials, including a USSF A-License, English Preliminary Badge, and USSF National Youth Coaching License. For any skeptics out there, the Ames Soccer Club website has a full list of his credentials and coaching experience. He has the experience, but does he have the personality? “He’s very positive.” said Johnston. “He’s just a pretty happy go lucky guy, a good friendly approachable person.” “I’m looking forward to his accent, among other things.” Said senior Anna Kaspar. “He’s very lively. I think it’ll be good and I think it’ll be fun.” So why would anyone want to take on a high school coaching job when he’s already busy with a club? “I’m really looking forward to molding a program how I’d like to see it.” Eyles said. “I work with a lot of the younger girls in the clubs and it’d be nice to continue that in the high school program.” Already Eyles is pushing the girls to reach their potentials. He’s requiring that everyone practice the first week together and that varsity tryouts be mandatory. He is also likely to enact a fitness regimen or two because as everyone knows, soccer involves a bit of running. With a self-described “quick attacking, strong defense” style of play, Eyles still finds it important to give players a certain degree of flexibility. “I try to give players a chance to make their own decisions.” He said. “To be creative but at the same time understand their role within the team. My number one thing is for it to be a fun experience for the players. Last year I think they had nearly 60 players…I think the challenge will be finding playing time for all of them.” A positive attitude, 25 years of experience and love for the game are just some of the things Gary Eyles is bringing to the girls soccer program this year. Ed Jones is returning as assistant JV coach and newcomer Ashley Costanzo is filling the position of goal keeper coach and assistant for varsity. “Let’s just get through this snow and grind. I’m excited about our spring season.” said Johnston.