Top 10 Apps sure to keep you busy

Ever since Apple opened it’s application store, apps have been flying off the virtual shelves. Apple has over 140,000 apps available to purchase. That seems like a lot of choices. Over 3 billion apps have been downloaded. Ipod Applications have become a main source of entertainment for people. With 140,000 choices, it’s tough to decide which ones to purchase, if any. There are many different types of applications. There are games, entertainment, music, sports, travel, business, and many others. Prices of Apps range from $.99 to $900. There are also an array of free applications. Most Apps worth buying are all under $5. Now there is no plausible way to play all of these Apps, but I set out to play the ones that sounded best and got the best reviews and made a top 10 list. 10. Cell Tracker-$.99- Entertainment. This is a simple App. The description is deceiving, it makes it sound like this App can track any phone in the world, but all it really does is track your location. This is all it really needs to do(because let’s face it, how much good would come out of knowing where everyone is at all times?). It is very easy to fool people, however. Because the only time you will be showing people the App, is when you are with them so all you need is your phone’s location. This App is loads of fun and will freak out your friends. 9. Paper toss- free- Game. paper toss is simple enough, throw a paper ball into the waste basket. There are three difficulties. It isn’t as easy as swiping your finger straight forward, you have to account for wind and power. This game is fun but gets old after a while. 8. Cube Runner-Game-free- This game takes advantage of the iphone or itouches accelerometer. You navigate an aircraft through a field of blocks. There are three levels of difficulty, but the only one worth playing is hard. This game is addicting and will keep you going back for more. The simplicity of the game leads it to become boring after a while, but for a free game, it’s definitely worth the space. 7. Light Bike-$2.99-Game- Light Bike resembles Tron. You try to cut off other futuristic motorcycles with your magical trail. This game is loads of fun. Especially the multi player. The wifi capability allows 4 on 4 multi player. 6. eliminate pro-free-Game- A very good first person shooter for the itouch. Especially considering it’s free. You can play online against people from around the world. You can also add friends and play local games. This game is very impressive RPG for the price. 5. Pandora-free-Music- Pandora is impressive on the computer, so when you put it in a handheld device, it is that much better. Pandora lets you type in an artist or song and then it plays songs that are similar to that artist or song. There are limited amounts of skipping songs you can do. Also, Pandora sometimes is slow loading. 4. Tiger Woods-$4.99-Game- We all know the recent trouble Tiger has gotten himself in to, but that doesn’t mean he can’t star in a great App. This is one of the more expensive Apps but it will keep you busy. The graphics resemble that of a Nintendo DS and the controls are easy and fun. There are multiple courses to chose from that keep you entertained. 3. Shazam-free-Music- Have you ever been listening to the radio and wanted to know what song you listened to? I never had any way to figure this out until I got Shazam. Shazam listens to songs and then tags them so you can download them later. This is one of the most convenient Apps I own. 2. monopoly-$4.99-Game- Obviously if you don’t like monopoly, you won’t like this App. But this game will keep you entertained for hours. It is a great game to play on a car ride. Easy, simple multiplayer(up to 4 players). Deals are a pain to do, and you can’t make ridiculous ones, but this is still a blast. 1. Doodle mother fucking jump-$.99- doodle jump is the best game ever. You jump from platfor to platform trying to get to the top.