Fashion show: Very Fashionable

Only a few fashion enthusiasts at Ames High have the creativity and skills to design the clothes necessary for everyday life. At Ames High, March 25 was devoted entirely to those people as senior Anna Kaspar and junior Allison Clem presented the fashion show. "(I organized the fashion show) because it gives students an opportunity to throw a bunch of random stuff on models," Kaspar said. "You can be as crazy as you want and claim it’s fashion and the focus on non-traditional materials always produces really great ideas. It’s really fun to see what everyone else does with non-fabric clothing." The stage was completely set. Hanging tin foil glinted from multi-colored lights. Bottles and boxes, wrapped in foil, artistically littered the stage and through it all wound a run way. "[We used the foil] because its easy to work with and it reflects a ton of light," Kaspar said. "It was a trash couture kind of thing. We used lots of boxes and trash cans. I used a raccoon cage and stuck a lot of foil on it. I wanted as many things reflecting light as possible, which is why I used the CDs as well." Three judges sat off to the side of the stage in shiny silver chairs, matching the rest of the stage. The mood was set perfectly and then came the models, the people who really brought the show to life. This year’s designs ranged from basic, but colorful, t-shirts, to flowing evening gowns and what can only be described as a metal robot man from space. The models all strutted their stuff on the runway, showing off each designer well. The judges’ choice award for the night went to the dress designed by Andrea Tate and modeled by Wendor Flomo; Flomo also took home the best model award. The award for the most creative outfit went to Anna Kaspar’s dress made out of a Twister game mat, which was modeled by Liz Kaloupek. The award for the most marketable design went to the dress modeled by Greer Brown and designed by Anna Kilzer and Alyssa Bovinette, and the award for the best non-traditional design went to the dress by juniors Heawon Yoon and Michelle Tsai and modeled by junior Liza Kroeschell. "Every day you get dressed you get to make conscious decisions what your going to put on your body," Kaspar said. "There are lots of creative things you can do through your fashion. Fashion is art that you wear."