Capanna brings Italian gelato to Ames. Take that, Dairy Queen and your 25 cent blizzards

How easy is it to open a gallon of chocolate chip ice cream, sit in front of the t.v, and take in one large spoonful at a time? Ice cream will always be there in bulk for people when need to be comforted. There’s no doubt, ice cream is delicious but what has a little more class? Lush italian gelato of course. Capanna Coffee and Gelato, which opened this fall on Lincoln Way, has a a great range of gelatos to offer. Choosing which kind of gelato to order was a tough choice. The flavors ranged from traditional strawberry to a daring jalapeno lime. Capanna has three different sized bowls for gelato. Even though the smallest bowl isn’t comparable to Dairy Queen’s smallest cup, the bowls form more of a European feel. In any size, you can order half of one flavor and half of another, which is useful for people who can’t decide between two. Capanna also gives taster spoons so you can taste however many flavors of gelato you want before you actually order one. The owner who serves everyone, makes great conversation with all her customers and makes the store feel like home. The first flavor I tried was the lemon cheesecake gelato. The gelato was really creamy and melted in my mouth. It had a subtle lemon taste with a stronger cheesecake taste. Next, I tried the caramel latte gelato which in contrast, had a strong coffee flavor and was speckled with grinded coffee beans. The green apple gelato was more tart than the lemon flavor, however, I noticed that it was a little bit icy and did not have the same texture as the any of the others. The bacio gelato had a base of chocolate twisted with small hazelnuts. All of the gelatos were refreshing and quite delicious. Not only does Capanna offer gelatos, but they also have an extensive drink menu. Of course, they carry the typical coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, tea, and espressos. They also have their very own mocha menu, including white chocolate, smores, turtle and black forrest blends. Under their iced menu, they serve frappes, smoothies and even Italian sodas. Capanna also carries sandwiches, quiche, and muffins which are all displayed by the gelatos. They have a soup of the day and other specials. The atmosphere inside Capanna is cozy. There is both inside and outdoor seating availiable. Right by the tables inside is an extravagant coffee roaster. By first glace, I thought it was an antique grinder for decoration but I soon found out that actual coffee beans used at the cafe are roasted right there. Off to one end of the cafe is a small nook containing many couches. This seems like a great place for a few friends to meet up. There are cards, dominos, newspapers, and books all to the customers convenience. The nook has walls are painted with slightly darker shades of green and red to give the space a lively setting. There are painting hung on all of the walls which range from abstract colors to pictures of Europe. I noticed that all the painting were by the same painter and were actually on sale with price tags. Capanna brings a new taste in Ames by serving authentic gelato and drinks. Overall, Capanna Coffee and Gelato is a great place to taste some gelato, drink some coffee, or just relax with some friends.