Top iQuiz scorers: What’s their secret?

It’s the final of the second iQuiz Mini-Scrim Tourney, with the two-man Green team facing the four members of the Slammin’ Salmonz. Juniors Steven and Kyle Younkin, home-schooled twins and faithful Jeopardy! fans have gone undefeated thus far. The Slammin’ Salmonz, with juniors Nirvan Tyagi, Meredith Stabel, Kim Richards and Kimberly Garasky have won five of their six regular season games. It’s a close race to the end but Green ultimately wins, 100-60. Not much is known about the Younkins, except that their iQuiz success is a direct result of watching copious amounts of Jeopardy and that they are a powerful force no team wants to face. "I think the Green Team…is kind of intimidating," freshman Nick Royer said. "They just sit down and answer questions. They finish each others sentences and I got the felling they’re just a hive mind at some points." Although he admits a slight fear of Green, Royer himself is a force to be reckoned with. As a freshman, he knows things that no normal senior should know. The river that Caesar crossed? Rubicon. The tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings? The Bayeux. With this level of obscure knowledge, he himself is another source of fear. "Nick Royer is a tank," sophomore, and captain of the Ezgi Stompers, Victor Wang said. "Nuff said, with a ‘postrophe before the ‘n.’" "My parents wanted me to do some extracurricular activities." Royer said. "I heard about this and just slapped together a team with my friends." Although his knowledge of so many random things is most baffling, it is simply a result of reading. A lot. About everything. "I’ve been forced to read a lot of different stuff." Royer said. "And I know music because my sisters listen to pretty much everything and they talk about it. Oh and Wikipedia…you just go to one page, click on another…it’s like crack, it’s addicting. Besides binging on Wikipedia, reading a lot (about everything) or watching Jeopardy, other iquizzers have come up with various other methods of preparation. "Play sporcle." Tyagi said. "That helps a lot." "I learned a lot of stuff in APUSH. And Bio, of course." Wang said. "Man life is good (reference to Mr. Walter)." Yet knowing the answers isn’t enough to win. A lack of reflexes, buzzer pressing skillz or the courage to actually buzz in can all lead to a team’s demise, even if it actually knows all the answers. "If you think you know it, get it out there." Royer said. "There were times where one of my teammates knew the answer but I blurted out the wrong answer. Unless it’s a really spectacular failure, just answer the question." "If you have an idea just buzz in." Wang said. "If your team hates you for it, too bad." The stressful atmosphere and seizure-inducing intensity of iQuiz often produces some strange reactions. It is not uncommon for someone to buzz in and begin choking/making noises, all the while making furious swatting motions all in the hope of calling the correct answer down from the heavens. "My personal worst moment was when I picked the wrong team for winning the Super Bowl." Royer recalled. "I picked the losing team and it was embarassing. [Once] one of my teammates thought Taylor Swift was a guy. I think that was the high point of our team." So what if I’m lazy, dislike reading and hate Alex Trebek? Is there a secret shortcut to success? "The capitol of Romania, Bucharest has come up three times." Tyagi said. "And it was on the entrance exam for Quizbowl." "Know your country singers and political scandals." Royer said "Especially the political scandals." Despite the pain of losing, the embarrassment of over-enthusiastically buzzing in with the wrong answer and the anxiety/fear associated with facing undefeated teams, faithful iQuizzers return every round, ready to crush their opponents with knowledge. "Join iQuiz." Wang said. "Unleash YOUR inner nerd, and because Prom King Lawrence wants you to. Next year that is. Ezgi stompers will be back for round two. We’ll be waiting."