Favre: Make up your Mind!

Brett is back. And I’m ticked off. For the third time in as many years, Brett Favre has decided to unretire. The much-over-hyped announcement of his return came on August 17, just two weeks after he had called Vikings coach Brad Childress to emotionally deliver the news that he was, in fact, staying retired this time. "I passed up the greatest chance I could have had right now, and it hurts,” said Favre in early August. "By saying no, I’m leaving an incredible opportunity on the table, and I know that that opportunity is not coming back.” He was seriously trying to tell us that he was planning on retiring. Ha. Forgive me for laughing so hard that I fall backwards out of my chair. Come on, Brett, this story is getting old. Every summer you say you’re going to retire and that you really mean it this time! There are usually tears involved (yours), and some sort of talk of what might have been if you had gone at it one more year. Then, in late summer, some reports start coming in that you’re considering a return to the game. Suddenly half the world can’t get enough of you and your private jets and your workouts in Mississippi. You media attention freak. Then you waffle some more, you talk about your love of the game and your want of a Super Bowl. Eventually, usually after you’ve missed training camp (whoops!), you make the big announcement that you know you said you were retiring but you’ve thought about it a whole lot, and hey guess what everybody, you’re back! Yay! No. Listen up, Brett. Nobody wants to hear about your year-round indecisiveness and inability to make a simple yes-or-no decision. Except for a few crazy Minnesotans whose brains might be frozen over, nobody wants to take part in round-the-clock “Favre Watch” from March to August. Your antics are getting old, and everyone would appreciate it if you could just make up your mind. Sophomore Tommy Pitcher put it bluntly. “Anyone with gray hair shouldn’t be playing football.” Amazingly, there are those here at Ames High who are excited for Favre’s return. “I don’t mind that he’s changing his mind,” junior Kevin Smith said, a longtime Vikings fan. I just think that as long as he can play at a championship level, he should. And he can definitely play at a championship level.” It’s tough to disagree with that. Gray-haired as he might be, Favre did turn in one of the best seasons of his career last year, passing for 33 touchdowns against just seven interceptions in the regular season. He also led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game. And admittedly, a large part of the reason he decided to play yet another year was because of the Vikings’ expectations of reaching a Super Bowl. "I was so close, so close to getting these guys to the Super Bowl last year, so the chances of playing in a super bowl this year really won me over,” said Favre. As junior Vince Greenwald predicts, “Brett Favre is going to finish his career with a Super Bowl win. I guarantee it.” Here’s hoping that he gets his Super Bowl win this year, that he retires for good, and that I don’t hear anything about him for a very, very long time. Because I am getting really tired of this gray-haired 40-year-old who just can’t make up his mind.