Fall TV series creates new classics and bad flops

It’s time for fall television premieres, and that means that there’s a plethora of new TV shows to entertain students while they are sitting on the couch at night, when they are supposed to be doing homework. This season, there are over 20 newfangled shows students can pick from. But, as with every season, there are some shows that should be religiously watched every week, and others that, frankly, should be ignored. One of the shows this season that is sure to keep viewers glued to their La-Z-Boy is The Event . The hyped up show, which has been showing previews since basically the end of last season, premiered Monday Sept. 20th. In it, there was a hijacked plane, an assassination attempt, and a secret prison facility that nobody knew about. These clips were presented in an erratic, out-of-order sequence similar to the TV show 24 , only without Jack Bauer. This early-Shaylaman-like show, with all its fascinating plot twists and turns, is sure to keep viewers only leaving the room during commercial breaks. On the other extreme, a show this season that probably won’t be on your TiVo is a new show titled $#*! My Dad Says . While loosely based on the book by Justin Halpern, which was based on his popular Twitter feed, $#*! My Dad Says differs greatly from the original. In the show, practically everything is changed. In fact, it seems that the only thing that the book and show have in common is the character of the semi-senile old man, played by William Shatner. But even Captain Kirk can’t rescue the show from its rapid fall into the unfunny. The show almost becomes a Shatner monologue with periodic breaks for laughter from the studio audience. This season’s onslaught of new shows will no doubt make for some new classics. It also means that plenty of shows will fall down into the cracks and end up cancelled halfway through the season. Either way, it looks to be an interesting road ahead for TV.