Say yes to Unsanitary Halloween activities

This is the tale of Suzy and Bobby. Bobby’s parents think that Halloween is a gross holiday filled with many unsanitary traditions, so they don’t let him participate in any of the activities. Suzy’s parents, on the other hand, are Halloween supporters. Suzy’s mother even makes Suzy’s costume every year and goes trick or treating with her. On Halloween, while Suzy gets her death eater costume ready, Bobby sits in his room watching Harry Potter on TV, staring longingly at the candy and Halloween featured ads pictured. Later that night, Suzy is trick-or-treating, filling up her pillowcase with all manner of sweets while Bobby peeks out the window at all the kids in their great costumes and wishes that he was dressed like Harry Potter, out having a fun time with the others. The next day at school Suzy and Bobby are sitting next to each other, but Diane has a cold and sneezes on both of them. This causes Bobby to become sick, get pneumonia, and go to the hospital where he remains for a couple of weeks. Suzy, on the other hand, doesn’t get sick because she went trick or treating and was exposed to the germs, which strengthened her immune system, causing her to not be affected when Diane sneezed. Because of his weak immune system, Bobby is in and out of the hospital over the next year. Suzy, with her strong immune system, is able to be more sociable and becomes popular. The next Halloween, Suzy is invited to a Halloween party at a friend’s house, while Bobby is once again left alone. At this Halloween party Suzy has a great time bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins. More time passes; now Bobby and Suzy are both in high school. Suzy is the captain of the cheer squad and very popular. Bobby is a loner computer geek who spends his time home alone watching Harry Potter . This Halloween, Suzy is invited to go with a group of friends to go to the Haunted Forest, and because she is a nice person she invites Bobby to go along. Bobby, eager to hang out with someone other than his pet hamster, quickly lies to his parents and goes along. During the walk through the woods Suzy and Bobby become separated from the rest of the group because the rest of the group doesn’t like Bobby, but since she invited him Suzy feels it’s her duty to walk with him. After they get separated from the group they soon become lost. Seeing as Bobby was sick all the time, he did not become a Boy Scout and therefore has no sense of direction. They wander far out into the woods and all hope is almost lost, but wait-who’s that coming out from behind the trees? It’s Teddy Lupin, one of Suzy’s many friends. He leads them safely out of the woods. Due to this Suzy is swept off her feet, and starts dating Teddy Lupin, who she finds out is a super hot werewolf. This is how the story ends. Suzy, because she participated in these so called “unsanitary” Halloween traditions, ends up with a very attractive werewolf boyfriend, while Bobby ends up alone, his days filled with misery. So don’t be like Bobby. Be like Suzy and participate in all the “unsanitary” traditions Halloween has to offer.