Successful Sophomore: Hannah Bonestroo

What Ames High activities have you participated in? Swimming, softball, basketball, track, iQuiz, and Band. This year I don’t think I’m going to do basketball or iQuiz, but I joined iBad, Quiz Bowl, DECA, and Orchestra. How is this year different from last year? “This year my classes are harder, but so far I’m also having a lot more fun!” What did you accomplish in these activities last year? “I met a lot of new friends that I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t done the activities. All the activities I’m in I do because I enjoy them, so I accomplished making good memories.” Heard you’re going to play club soccer. Why? “We’ll see if it happens, but I’m definitely considering doing it because I’m not doing basketball in the winter, so it would give me something to do. Plus it is only one night a week, and I have a lot of friends who play.” Which activity is your favorite? Why? “Swimming for sure! Because the people in swimming are a lot of fun, and during the season we do a lot of extra bonding activities like the ‘Bigger and Better Challenge’. Also, swimming is just a great sport, and this year our team is ranked no. 1 in the state! So that’s pretty exciting!” Do you think it’s beneficial to participate in sports and extra curricular activities? If so, why? “[Yes] you get to meet a lot of cool people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Also, it adds excitement and variety to your life and school year.” Were you in sports when you were younger (elementary/middle school)? “Yep, I have always always loved sports!” Gatorade or Powerade? “Gatorade!” What’s your favorite gift from a swim sister? “Probably a Burt’s Bees Body Kit or these rubber ducks that have sunglasses on and light up!” Has Ames High aimed high enough? “I think it definitely has. I think Ames is a great school, and we have excellent academics and sprots. Ames is great because it has a lot of extra clubs, intramural sports, and opportunities you can take advantage of.” Can you teach me how to dougie? No response. Who do you listen to most on your MP3 player? “Taylor Swift.” What’s your favorite Ames High activities memory? “Doing ‘Thriller’ for Marching Band.” What events do you enjoy most in swimming and track? “In swimming, my favorite events are the 50 Freestyle and the 400 Freestyle Relay. In track, my favorite events are the 800 and the 400 Hurdles.” What’s your favorite position in softball? “For softball, I play outfield or 3rd base.” When do your nerves kick in? Tell me about your meet/game preparation. “For swimming, I get nervous before big meets like [Regionals] and State. I don’t really have a preparation plan; I just stay nervous until after [my event is] finished. In track, the only thing I get nervous for is the 1500, which is good reason to get nervous.” When was the last time you had more than a week off from a sport? “I can’t remember ever having a full week off since the start of swimming freshman year. Maybe over winter break I may have had a full week. I don’t really know!” 17. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? “Draco Malfoy because I like Tom Felton.”