The Heddendorf Effect

1. What are your interests and/or hobbies? “I mainly just write a lot. It kind of helps me empty the brain with all my untamed thoughts. I’m also a gamer, though I’ve kind of been winding that down.” 2. What are your favorite video games? “It kind of depends on which month it is… and which day it is… and how much money you are paying me to play aforementioned game.” 3. You get paid to play games? “No, I’m not that lucky, you fool!” 4. You were recently cast in the Fall Play and Madrigal Play. How does that make you feel? “Like a princess.” 5. Do you have any plans to keep acting when you leave high school? “Well, I put that down on my PSAT major, but that was because all other things on the list were kind of dumb.” 6. Since you are a famous actor now, how do you handle all of your adoring fans? “Line, straight forward, no pushing, no shoving, bribes are accepted, but will not actually alter the effect of how much you are going to be in my amazing three-foot radius.” 7. Since you enjoy freestyle rapping, is there an particular rapper you look up to? “I look down upon all of them.” 8. Are you involved in any clubs? “I’m in choir and drama, but that’s about it.” 9. Are you in speech? “Crap, speech. How did I forget speech? Oh, that’s right, because I haven’t actually been doing it!” 10. You did it last year, didn’t you? “Shut up, you’re ugly.” 11. Who is your favorite teacher? Why? “I’m gonna have to go with the great Mister Mooney, because he taught me practically everything I know about surviving in this school. Also, it’s because I fear him the most, and thus I have to pay him the most respect.” 12. Which Harry Potter character do you think is most like yourself? “Luna Lovegood, obviously, because we are both insane and our surnames both explain exactly how we are personality wise.” 13. Are we supposed to figure that one out for ourselves? “Yes, we are!” 14. What house would you be in if you were at Hogwarts? “My own house. I would just drag it in there and I’d be like, ‘Hey guys, look whose living in his own house, yeah, Daniel Heddendorf!’” 15. Hermione or Ginny? “I’d have to say Professor McGonagall. I mean come on, she can turn into a cat! And also you’re pretty much asking me who am I going to choose between two already happily married, fictional witches. What?” 16. I meant when they were at Hogwarts. “Oh. Hot diggity?” 17. Is there anything you would like to add? “In case you were too lazy to read the entirety of this Q and A, and you pretty much just want a quick summary of who I am, I think I am best summarized by Triumph the Insult Comp Dog. ‘Daniel Heddendorf is great!’”