Asher Bergman

Anthony Palmer 2. Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Why? LOTR. Just a lot less cheesy, more authentic, and it has vicious combat. 3. What’s a secret talent you posses? I can read. 4. What teacher do you fear the most? Mr. Sullivan. 5. Do you think High School is going to tear your precious little mind apart? Or are you going to be one that prevails? I’ll probably be torn apart. 6. What’s your biggest school-related worry? Doing well on the SAT or ACT 7. Where do you go to deal with stress? My bed. 8. Would you call yourself “cute”? No. 9. What’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning? How dark it’s gonna be when I get out. 10. What is your ideal pet? Triceratops.