The Thing About Pep Buses

School. Webster’s Dictionary definition: an institution for the teaching of students. Ames High’s Definition: Don’t forget to go to the main office and sign up to ride the pep bus down to the away football game! Honestly. With all due respect, (hahaha) when I’m in class trying my best to stay awake and learn something, the last thing I need is the announcement thing ringing with someone saying “please excuse this interruption but… blah blah blah pep bus.” Basically, please excuse the fact that we put some silly bus in higher regards than actually learning something/taking naps. What’s the point of all that anyway? It’s already said during the 2nd period announcements (that, in itself, also waste class time.). But seriously, seriously, SIRIUS-LY . There is yet to be any kind of class disrupting announcement on anything other than sports. What is this, Hogwarts? Are we going stop all curriculum to have some crazy tournament sport game? But wait. Football isn’t anything like that cup wizard game thing. If we’re going to disrupt school for some athletic event, the least you can do is have someone die, though preferably someone not from Ames (looking at you, Cedric/Dead guy/sparkly fairy). Or, instead of a pep bus, we could have a bad-a$$ pep giant boat or a pep flying cart thing, whatever that was. Frankly, mere Football isn’t epic enough to warrant the interrupting attention it receives. This isn’t to say I hate football. No, football’s awesome, and I have tons of respect for you people, especially because I know I can’t throw, catch, kick, or run; and also because of that whole kicking the crap out of Valley (kudos, by the way.) But hey, why are there only pep buses for football games? Cross country never got any pep buses. I’ve yet to hear anything about swimming pep buses. Are we going to have pep buses for wrestling? What about Tennis? If you’re going to break the sacred rule of having pep vehicles for sports that do not involve relations with death, you should give pep buses to everyone. That’s right, a round of pep buses for everyone! Oh, but wait wait wait, someone out there is probably thinking, “Nobody wants to watch people just run.” Watching people run is basically the same concept as watching football (also swimming, wrestling, tennis, and every other freaking sport. In conclusion, having pep buses solely for football isn’t fair to all the other athletes who have to work their tails off. It’s not fair to the other sports that football gets all the attention for everything. Also, we don’t need two announcements for the bus per day. Students aren’t sugar high, short term memory losing, mindless people that need constant reminders. So seriously, enough of these excessive announcements. Let us study and sleep in peace.