Senior Rachel Boylan

Activities: Volleyball, SHEPH, Key Club, Student Ambassadors, Senior Mentors, Senior Girls Club 1. Should Quidditch be a high school sport? Yes, and Justin Tylka would be the seeker. 2. What animal do you most resemble and why? My volleyball team thinks I’m a sun bear. 3. Who was your favorite senior when you were a freshman? Marty Pick, because my friend Loralyn threw up on him. 4. What’s your opinion on Silly Bandz? I have five. 5. Who are worse? Justin Bieber fangirls or Twilight fangirls? Equally poor. 6. Who is more beautiful? Craig Walter or Chad Zmolek? Chad Zmolek. 7. What are the most important characteristics in a principal? Lovable, attractive, and spirited. 8. What has been your least favorite class in your high school career? Trigonometry. 9. What color has the worst taste (other than yellow)? Purple. 10. What name would you give the movie version of your life and why? The Sketchy Adventures of Rachel Boylan.