Chas Emmerson, Senior Extraordinaire

Chas Emmerson participates in Drumline, Band, Pokemon Club, Cookie Baking Club, and Ultimate Frisbee. 1. a) What is your name, what is your favorite colour, and what is your quest? “My name is Chas Emmerson. My favorite colour is blue. My quest is to search for the Holy Grail. This is a Monty Python reference, in case nobody caught that.” 2. If you were in a Pokemon game, what kind of pokemon trainer would you be? “If I was a trainer, I would probably be an ace trainer, because they are slightly more challenging to beat.” 3. Who are the 3 people you’d take with you in the event of a (speed) zombie apocalypse? Definitely Cody, Jack, and Carlo. We’re pretty much DiCaprio, and have been conditioning. 3b. How long do you think you’d survive? I’m not sure how long we would survive, but we’d give the zombies a run for their money. 4. What is your favorite activity that you’ve never done? “My favorite activity I’ve never done? That would have to be either scuba diving or sky diving” 5. What is your favorite song/band? “Lostprophets are my favorite band. They are from the UK and everyone should give them a shot.” 6. Do you think you’re awesome? “No, I don’t think I’m awesome, but I do have a motorcycle.” 7. Would you rather lose your motorcycle, or have to read all the twilight books? “I like my motorcycle quite a bit, so I might make myself suffer through those so called books.” 8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? “If I could live anywhere…. I don’t know, I haven’t found a place that speaks to me yet.” 9. If Ames High was burning down, and you could only save one other thing/person, what/who would it be? “Could I save Drumline? We’re all one big happy family.” 10.When life gives you lemons……? When life gives me lemons, I make lemon bars. And lemonade. Sometimes.