Cocost is not to be Overlooked

From King Buffet to the Spice, there are many excellent Asian restaurants in Ames, although many quality outlets tucked away in campus town are overlooked merely because of location or cramped shabbiness. One such restaurant is Cocost, a frequent haunt of college students looking to get a cheap, quality, and above all a fast meal. The restaurant itself is located on Welch Ave, to the left of Pita Pit, slightly up into the alleyway. Approaching the door, one is greeted by a simple sign overhead. The building itself is small, but the quaint adornments, such as the golden Buddha statue and perpetually hanging St. Patrick’s Day decorations, give it a sense of coziness. The menu is varied and entirely within the easily affordable six to seven dollar range. However, the man taking our order was rather blunt and machine-like, contrary to the rest of the environment that felt warm and close-knit. Also, he spoke very little English, so we wouldn’t recommend any particularly picky eaters to dine here. After ordering, we picked up our utensils and water, which are self-serve, and sat down at one of the many large tables usually available. The tables are clean but a bit closer to each other than usual, though it isn’t at all uncomfortable. The food came within minutes, despite the fact that it was a Thursday night and the restaurant was somewhat full with a mixture of students. Both dishes (David’s chicken fried rice and Hunter’s chicken and broccoli) were excellent and very filling. Whatever Cocost lacks in atmosphere is easily made up by the low price and relatively high quality food. The whole meal cost exactly $6 for each of us, which, in comparison to other places, felt like a great deal. Overall, when looking for a place to find somewhat cheap yet still tasty Asian food, Cocost is a solid choice.