David Norton

1. What activities are you involved in? “Chorus, Orchestra, Madrigal, All-State, but I’m not really sure that is a school activity” 2. You recently made All-State Choir. How did that make you feel? Were you elated? “Actually, that (elated) is a good word. I was just surprised that I made it in, and I was so lucky. Alex Canfield said that it’s really impressive that I made it in, and that is an awesome compliment.” 3. You are also a member of the Madrigal Singers. How is that going? Are you excited for the Madrigal Dinner? “It is great, I’m having tons of fun. I am really going to enjoy it (the dinner), but I have a lot of music to memorize.” 4. We all know about you exploits in choir, but what about Orchestra? “I did go on Orchestra Tour to Minneapolis, and we played two concerts and one was at the capital building. It had really nice acoustics and lots of people.” 5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? “If I have free time. Usually it’s bio homework. It takes up most of the time I have. But, recently, I’ve been trying to spend more time with friends, since I don’t all that much, and I should.” 6. What are your “pet peeves”? “Things that aren’t straight. I like everything to be perfectly organized in piles, and I am a perfectionist.” 7. Did you attend the Fall Play? What did you think of it? “I thought it was great. It was the first play I had been to , but I really enjoyed it.” 8. What do you think about the cancellation of the Spanish trip next year? “I don’t know. It makes sense, because of money, and it’s just really expensive. And, I mean doing it every year; that’s pretty lucky. I mean, we only go on tour every three years, and that’s less expensive. So, it makes sense, but I’m kind of sad about it even though I’m not going.” 9. What is your favorite pun or lame joke? “I don’t think I really have a really bad favorite.” 10. Why do you love the Web? “I really enjoy the really short question section in the back (photo opinion) 11. Do you feel like a real person now that you are no longer a freshman? “I never really felt insignificant as a freshman, but I feel more important now, because they aren’t like ‘stupid freshman’.” 12. Who is your favorite fellow Sophomore? “Ian Warren” 13. Have you ever had a MLIA or FML moment? “Probably an MLIA. I enjoy Ninja too much. So, I was playing in the courtyard, and everybody starts noticing, because somehow we got right in the middle, and it was fun, but kind of embarrassing.”