Freshman Carla Beghin

Activities Hopefully Tennis in the Spring, Fashion show, Debate, Cookie Baking Club How much bacon do you eat? My name isn’t Bacon!! What is pig in French? Cochon. But seriously. My last name is Beghin. So i heard you like tennis? How good are you? Decent I guess. I’m not an excellent player, but I can still tear some people up. Favorite pun/bad joke. Go! What do you call a frenchman that wears sandals?……..Philippe Philoppe What is your deepest darkest secret or what is your first name? Ascale, and I hate it. What is your favorite movie quote? “Join the dark side.” What sets you apart from other bland, uninteresting freshmen? My hair. Most definitely. Who among your fellow freshmen do you think has the potential to be a co-prez of this school? Christopher Jackson. The kid’s in love with politics, and he cares about what has happened to our school. What change do you want to see happen to Ames High over the course of your career? Let freshman do more stuff! We’re first years, but dude there are seniors who are half as mature as some of the freshmen I know. And those seniors can drive. That’s honestly kind of scary.