Save the World Club saves the world

Everything 100th Green Butterfly (or Save the World Club) does is for the good of the entire land. The club literally saves the world from collapsing under its own weight by recycling loads of paper every week on Wednesday. “Look at all the trees in the world. We must have saved at least one,” future co-prez of the school Cody Brown was heard to have sagely said. Unarguably, 100th Green the greatest thing to happen to Ames High since Cookie Baking Club. But it’s under attack. Do Something Club is trying take over the Butterflies’ sacred task. At first glance, one doesn’t see the club as a threat. Their blue boxes don’t even make sense. The world needs to go green, not blue. Most 100th Green members view this new club as an upstart pup yipping at their heels, but by looking at the ubiquitous blue boxes around our school, Do Something Club has made progress and should be feared. If we let them become the dominant environmental club at our school, the entire social order of our school would be thrown into chaos. We need 100th Green for the stability it provides. While it may not treat every student equally, the club has proven countless times it is the great bastion of light standing between us and the darkness of unrecycled paper. Ames High needs 100th Green to do what has to be done. Support them and know all the world is well.