Third Party Politics

The 2010 midterm elections went by pretty quickly and made some people very mad. I, however, try to not let politics ruin my day, and I have discovered a more comical side to politics: third party politics. These “miscellaneous” or independent parties have beliefs that do not directly agree with the two major parties, and they focus on a smaller number of issues most of the time. One third party that has emerged in the past 10 years and has made its most popular appearance this year is the Rent is 2 Damn High Party. Its founder is Vietnam war veteran Jimmy McMillan. I first found out about this party and Jimmy McMillan’s vision to lower taxes and apartment rental rates in New York State on the radio a week before the elections. His fast paced speech pattern made me think it was a joke, and I was really confused. The radio personalities must have been confused too because they played it a second time. Even though McMillan’s style of projecting his ideas to voters is different from the normal way politicians do it, he has authority in his voice, and he focuses on important issues that affect the population daily and on a personal level. “Listen: some one’s stomach, a child’s stomach, just growled. Did you hear it? Y’all got to listen like me. Let’s talk about issues!” said McMillan in his opening statement at the New York gubernatorial debate. He expresses eagerness to help people in need. McMillan also released his CD on Election Day titled The Rent is Too Damn High (Volume 1) that includes the catchy song that is played on his website saying that “there ain’t nothing else to talk about.” I do wonder why being a karate expert would make you more suitable to be a governor than other candidates, though. Apparently it didn’t help, although he received about 40,000 votes. Running for lieutenant governor of Rhode Island was Robert Healey of Cool Moose Party. His focus for the election was “All You Need is ‘GOV”, which was made into a song to the tune of the Beatles hit “All You Need is Love”. In Rhode Island, the cost to support the current Lieutenant Governor’s office is one million dollars, and the Lieutenant doesn’t have a very influential job. “This office is a waste of your tax dollars. I can do this job, and I’ll do it for no cost of the tax payers,” said Healey. Healey’s plan was to take the position if elected, and complete necessary tasks. The former Lieutenant Governor, Elizabeth Roberts, beat Healey, so this costly office is still in place in Rhode Island. Rent is 2 Damn High and Cool Moose have reasonable views of important issues. However, some third parties are meant to entertain voters and solely get notoriety. The names are somewhat confusing, but all are legit: U.S. Marijuana Party, Guns and Dope Party of CA, Monster Raving Loony Party, Surprise Party, Cool American Party, Real Food Party and the Pirate Party. If you don’t get it, think about it. The evolution of third parties becoming a little more crazy has inspired me to start up some new political parties of my own, or should I say Ames High Spirit parties. One More Pep Bus! Party Stand Up and Clap Awkwardly While Looking To See If Your Friends Are Clapping Party We Will Grind if We Want to Party “Build a bridge and get over it!” Party School Spirit is 2 Darn Low Party Even though some third parties are just for laughs, one might be needed in the future to stop the tension between the two majority parties and actually get something done.