"Bieber Fever" gone too far

We must stop the fighting; black versus white, Republican versus Democrat, the Tea Party versus the rest of America, the fear-based racial profiling against Muslims, the hate against immigrants from our southern border, and we must overcome our differences with the vampire lovers if we, as a people, are to even stand a chance of overcoming this new blight. Justin Bieber, in just over two years, has topped the charts with his “songs” and has captivated millions. His debut release, My World , hit platinum. But with his success lies a secret so dark, no one could have possibly seen it coming. When one takes the auto-tune off of his song, “My World”, one uncovers some shocking revelations about Bieber. Justin Bieber is not human. He’s a terrorist trying to take advantage of our culture’s extreme marketability, and the threat he poses cannot be exaggerated. He will not stop until he controls those most vulnerable to awful music: teenage “gurlz.” Yes, it’s true. Bieber has set up the most successful child porn racket in the history (I can personally vouch for this). You almost got away with it, but luckily enough, we already received the vaccine in the form of the Jonas Brothers. Exposing the truth isn’t enough though. We need to stand together, as one, if we are to survive. If we don’t, the terrorists have truly won.