Bekah May

What activities are you involved in? Girls Cross Country, Choir, Band, BASSOON, and I’m pretty much a matchmaker. What’s your favorite subject/class? BASSOON. Describe your ideal vacation I’d be traveling through medieval castles with Liz Kaloupek and Lucas Coleman. If you were an animal, what would you be? Jake Gyllenhal. What’s the best thing about high school so far? Mr. Cogdill Would you rather be rich and famous or rich and private? Rich and private because… I mean, do I look like Angelina Jolie to you? Who’s your favorite/most attractive teacher? Mr. Walter is fine, and Mr. Hill is da bayste. What is your favorite cookie? Monster cookies. Nom nomnom nomonom. Who’s the most attractive senior male? Female? My broski, Joseph May, and Madison Prueger, who is suppaa fine. Yes, she told me how to spell her words. What teacher would you change wardrobes with for a day? Mr. Todd, because his ties are spectacular. What do you most want for Christmas? Footless footie pajamas. How would you describe your personality? Very quiet, conservative, humble, etc. Just kidding.