Charlie Brown comes to Ames High

Ames High Drama takes an excursion into breaking racial barriers, with Hackbarth’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Deemed “Operation: Shermy-Franklin,” by director-in-chief Zack Hackbarth, the play features Kris Stow, also known as Ezquimeux, as a conglomerated role of Shermy, and Franklin. “It’s quite possibly the most successful and ingenious attempt at bringing racial unity to the world yet attempted in history,” Hackbarth said. Hackbarth’s inspiration, he says, came from P.E. “I had been thinking of starting up a holiday theme play for a while that would be an annual fundrasier, but didn’t know what to pick. Then, during a magical 7th period of Physical Education, the charming Mrs. Kautzsky, offered us the chance to do the Charlie Brown dance, instead of another lap around the track, and bam. Charlie Brown Christmas. Time to get CRAZAAAAAYYY.” Hackbarth himself is an interesting figure. Discarding the fame and glorying being the star actor, and choosing to take the behind the scenes, enigmatic role of the director, ( Le Directeur , if you want to be French) Hackbarth has chosen to strengthen his relations with his cast, by giving someone else a chance to shine. This isn’t his main reasons for deciding to direct. Hackbarth’s sudden desire to direct was sparked mostly in part, he says, “because Alex Canfield directed his madrigal play, and I can’t stand being inferior to that man. I had to one up him.” Like previously stated, Hackbarth’s relationship with his cast appears to be great. Other than the famed role of Shermy-Franklin, Hackbarth has given the main role of Charlie Brown to Sean Hanlin. “He [Sean] got the role, and the chance to make a name for himself, solely based on the fact that he’s basically Charlie Brown. He looks and acts just like him.” Hackbarth said. And regarding the rest of the actors, He states that, “I have have high hopes for most my cast. The exception being whoever’s Linus. And Sally…. she’s very lazy, never showing up to rehearsals. But it’s okay. I’ll have to deal with what I’ve got.” Despite hindrances due to unforeseen circumstances, The Charlie Brown Christmas is well on its way to the December 17th performance date.