Local ice cream joints compete for top dessert

Sometimes it’s difficult to make decisions; where to park, when to get up, whom to date, what to wear, and every other terrible part of your life that you have to put any thought into. We thought that we would help you out by giving you solutions to your most important decision of all: where to get your dose of delicious ice cream. This may seem like an easy fix, you think of the most common name in the biz: Dairy Queen, located on east Lincoln Way. With such a well-known store, with such a prominent claim (Queen of Dairy), we had to check it out. The store hours are from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm, so it’s accessible for most of the day. We waited in the drive-thru line for about 5 minutes and then ordered our small chocolate cones. It was brought back to the window in a few short minutes. For a small cone of their famous processed soft serve, the total amount came to about $1.79. It tasted pretty good, but it was fairly generic and bland. Our next stop was Stam, a few blocks away in the Downtown area. They sell “Gelato,” which is just Italian ice cream. Because it is located downtown, they are only open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm most days .* Their most inexpensive amount of gelato was $2.50 for a tiny cup. Stam is known for their high prices and high quality (pretty visual presentation), but we wanted to know if it was really worth it. Sampling their chocolate gelato, we found it to taste very good, but not worth paying so much for so little. It was very rich, with a different texture, and obviously superior quality to Dairy Queen. They suggested we try Temptations across the street, so that’s exactly what we did. Temptations is a cozy store with Lite 104.1 playing almost constantly. The smooth and friendly atmosphere greeted us as we entered. There were a few other customers in the store ordering larger quantities of chocolates and sweets, but they didn’t hold us up on our quest for very long. The employee shifted from the cash register to the ice cream and greeted us with the most genuine smile. We ordered our chocolate cone and handed her a one dollar bill. Thirty seconds later we were holding a beautiful cone topped with a hearty heaping of delicious chocolaty goodness. If you’re looking for a quick treat for most hours of the day, Dairy Queen is the place to go. It will cost a bit more, but we think the cost is mostly for the convenience. If you’re looking for a high quality selection of expensive delights, Stam is the perfect place for you. For larger orders you’d have to call ahead, but otherwise you can pick something up during daytime hours. But if you are looking for a delicious and cheap cone served in a wonderfully homey and inviting environment, Temptations is your best bet. One dollar cones from a wide selection of ice cream makes for a wonderful trip downtown. Dairy Queen: 3/5 stars Stam: 4/5 stars Temptations: 5/5 stars *Main Street Stam owner Terry Stark would like to correct "major errors" concerning the hours of the store: "We are in fact open 7 days a week except some major holidays. Monday through Saturday we are open 8:30 am to 8 pm and Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm. These hours of operation are dramatically different from what was reported."