Winter Madness soon to descend on AHS in the form of cute penguins

Winter break is a leisure time where students get to relax at home with their families and let smooth jazz cruise through their ears. But because of that quiet, solemn-filled atmosphere of the typical winter break, students are entitled to an outlet in which they can release all of their vigorous last-minute energy before school finally ends. Winter madness is that outlet. Every year, Ames High’s student council dedicates the last week before winter break to EXTREME fund-raising with EXTREME energy. This year’s theme is “March of The Penguins Against Poverty.” Perhaps the most popular tradition is the Winter Madness battle of the bands/date auction. “Honestly, what’s more extreme than epic music playing while people are sold for money?” Junior Carlo Kind said. “Nothing.” Every year the auditorium is site of a fantastic array of local music composed by Ames High musicians. “We get the solid popular bands, as well as some fun comical ones," said Senior co-president Malcolm Squire. “It’s an entertaining event for all ages!” In between the fierce music competition, Ames High’s burliest bachelors will be sold off to eager spectators. The bachelors owe their buyers one day of whatever they wish. “People get sold for tons of money,” Squire said. “The crowd gets caught up in the moment and blurts out as much money as possible. So bring yo’ money and get ready to throw down!” The rest of Winter Madness week is chalk full EXTREME activities. Each day this year has a special dress up theme and a fund-raising activity for students after school. “I heard fashion Wednesday is coming back for Winter Madness week,” Junior Anna Kilzer said. Fashion Wednesday is an Ames High tradition that pops up at least twice a school year. “This year we’re having it in the middle of the [Winter Madness] week to max out our our dress-up participation.” Squire said. Besides the famous Fashion Wednesday, other dress up days include pajama day, TV character day, and penguin day. After school Wednesday, the epochal wave of fashion will be replaced with an equally epochal wave of rivalry between the students and the faculty in preparation for the Student vs. Staff Basketball Game. “The event started last year and was immensely popular,” Senior Cliff Chang said. The staff won the game last year, so the students are eager to make a massive comeback. Other activities that week include the Student vs. Staff Quiz Bowl match, a pancake breakfast, and the showing of Happy Feet in the auditorium. There is also a change drive starting on Monday and lasting throughout the week. The teacher with the most change will be dressed up in a penguin suit on Friday. Most events sell refreshments and cost a small fee to attend. The EXTREMEness of Winter Madness may be unfathomably enjoyable for Ames High as a whole, but it isn’t just for the sake of having an awesomely extreme time. Every penny earned during Winter Madness week will go towards charity. “On the Saturday after Winter Madness [week], everyone from student council goes to Target to buy gifts for families that can’t afford them.” Squire said. “We sponsor families and buy the requested presents. Then we head back up to the high school to wrap them and send them off!” Winter Madness is student council’s main event during the school year. “We plan a lot for it. Especially in mind with today’s economy.” Squire said. “We have to create events that will actually make money, but will also be enjoyable for students.” Student council has never failed to make enough money for their charity. This year’s Winter Madness should easily have enough events to keep the tradition going, and should be highly anticipated by student and staff alike. Saturday Dec 11. Battle of the Bands/Date Auction 7pm-10pm in auditorium. Monday Dec. 13. Start of the change drive. Tues, Dec. 14. Pajama dress up day. Student v Staff quiz bowl during 2nd lunch multipurpose room maybe. Weds, Dec 15. Fashion Wednesday. Pancake Bfast 8am-9am in cafeteria. Student v Staff basketball game 7pm-9pm in the Gym. Thurs, Dec 16. Dress up as your favorite TV character day. Happy Feet in Auditorium 7pm-8:30pm Fri, Dec 17. Penguin dress up day/teacher penguin suit day