Glee: more than just a tv show

A year ago a musical phenomenon hit TV sets nationwide as Glee captured America’s heart. People fell in love with these bunch of teenage misfits who, led by a talented choir teacher with an exceptionally full and curly head of hair, came together and formed a club that can sing and solve any problems they may face– with their music. This is, most likely, is one of the reasons that the show has developed such a huge following. The fans, known as “Gleeks,” include many young adults who can relate to what the characters in the show are going through, such as relationship ups and downs, getting picked on, and other things that happen at high schools nationwide. However, it seems that Glee is doing more than just providing a storyboard that teens can relate to. It shows a way to deal with pent up emotions like teenage angst, lust, and school pressures. And perhaps more importantly, the show offers inspiration to teens on the never-ending quest to find out who they really are; something the show’s loyal fans are making known to the internet. On the show’s website, Gleeks can leave their own messages about the show on a forum. These comments span a range of topics, from praise for the show to their own messages of how Glee has helped inspire their everyday life. One such viewer wrote, “I used to be a "closet singer" up until a few months ago. I fell in love with Glee after seeing the trailer for the first episode of season one, and without even realizing it I started singing. I honestly don’t know what it is about the show, but it has given me more confidence in my singing than ever before.” These types of stories illuminate how Glee is helping young people get inspired to do the things they love. In short, Glee is not just a TV series where teenagers break out into song and dance at the drop of a hat, but a force that inspires us all to take a little advice, and don’t stop believing.