New Tiles Revolutionize School

Do you get lost often? Are you so overwhelmed by crowds of people in the hall that you just can’t find your way? Do you need a new method to find your next class? If you’re one of the approximately 4 people in the school that answered yes, then you’re in luck! New in the science hallway since winter break is brand new tiling, complete with a line that you can follow–your own personal Garmin. Sophomore Marios Tringides is one of the people who have benefited from the new tiling. “It’s like the black brick road,” said Tringides. “We’re off to see Mrs. Brenneman!” Now, let’s be sure not to single out just one aspect of this revolutionary remodeling. In addition to the line, it includes a black and (a color close to) orange (yes, our school colors!) pattern along the middle of the hall. And besides the science hallway, the front office has new tiling of the same color on it, and now a black-and-orange-tiled post! Yes, clearly this new addition to our great school is something to be proud of. But, shockingly, some people in our school either didn’t notice, or didn’t even care about the new tiles. “I haven’t been down that hall in like, three years,” said senior Adam Lane. “They don’t excite me,” said junior Daniel Yang. Senior Alec Kapaun admitted that he originally thought he just hadn’t noticed the tiles in his years at Ames High. “Have I just never looked at the floor before?” he wondered. “When the (expletive) did this happen?” While the students might not seem to care, the teachers sure do. “It’s very nice. I like it,” said teacher Nancy Svien. Teacher Elizabeth Brenneman added that “They make me feel so special! They’re great.” The front office secretaries are quite happy about the remodeling as well. “The whole office remodeling brightens my day,” said Kathy Packer. “I love it, and the new pillar is great too,” said Wendi Reger. Reger also hinted that more front office remodeling may be to come. Don’t worry, the WEB will keep an eye out for that and be the first on the scene if there’s any news. There have been many revolutionary steps to making Ames High the bastion of learning that it is, but perhaps none are more revolutionary than these new tiles and remodeling. They should show our Cyclone Spirit for years to come.