Evans plans new room for upperclassmen

What’s that smell? Oh, that’s just some milk from the time when senior Jared Veach poured some on junior Sarah Kemp. What’s that red stain on the wall? Teacher Ginny Seibert remembers the time when a student shot their garbage into the waste basket and ketchup splattered up and down a wall in her room. These dramatic events and many other food mishaps occur in her room from time to time. Seibert, who generously hosts lunch in her room for juniors and seniors who do not leave school during their lunch period, thinks that “more people are budgeting a little more wisely and don’t want to leave for lunch.” Slick roads and other winter hazards also cause even the most talented drivers to think twice about going out to lunch. Those juniors and seniors who do not wish to leave school are left with few options for lunch due to a full cafeteria and no designated area for upperclassmen. With upwards of 40 students eating lunch in her classroom at one time, there have been days when Seibert feels that she is offering too much because when lunchtime rolls around, room 208 transforms into a stand-in Junior/Senior room. But that will change next year. Principal Spence Evans has been in the process of planning a space for juniors and seniors in need of an area to study, eat and relax. “I’m really trying to have a room for upperclassmen that is just friendly, you know, because they (the students) have shown so much responsibility that I want to pay that back by giving them their own space,” Evans said. Past administrators have tried to create an area just for upperclassmen. None have succeeded, however, as seen by the “glass box” that is connected to the cafeteria. Yes, at one point this room was the Junior/Senior room, but it is currently being used to compensate for student overflow in the cafeteria. Evans said that serious planning will begin after Spring Break, but he has a few starting ideas. First, the Junior/Senior room will be located in the Cafe Conference room, which is the enclosed room that adjoins the cafeteria. Second, this room will have study and lunch tables, couches, computers, a sink, and possibly a TV available for use. Third, one video camera will be installed for security purposes. Evans believes that vandalism should not be a concern, but having a Junior/Senior room is a privilege given to students. “There are so many kids in this building that know how to act; they act respectful, they’re responsible, and I want to repay that with the flexibility of ‘here is your space.’” Evans is taking suggestions from current sophomores and juniors in order to make this area the most effective study area it can be for the 2011-2012 school year. Seibert does admit that she will enjoy having a somewhat quiet room during lunch next year…but flying food does add excitement to the school day.