Formal is a dance, not a tea party

With grinding banned this year, students might be worried that they won’t have any fun at formal. They’re probably thinking that there aren’t enough dance moves available. While jumping up and down and waving your arms in the air are perfectly acceptable, you need to expand your dancing capabilities to work out hard and party down. One way to do this is to apply cardio dance moves to your formal night routine. Uncross those pouting arms and swing them from side to side. Punch the air and put your hands up toward the sky. Loosen your tie and slip off your heels so that you are even more free to dance around. Don’t forget about your legs! Bobbing, jumping, leaping, spinning, squatting, rocking, twisting and shaking are prime moves for your lower body. Not only are they fun moves, they are a great work out. If you aren’t breaking a sweat, you’re doing formal wrong. There’s nothing more embarrassing during a slow dance when you are covered in sweat. The only way to avoid this awkward situation is to make sure that everyone else is getting a sweaty workout, too. “But if I do these things at the dance, my date won’t think I’m cool!” If anything, your moves will serve as a very attractive and visually stimulating ritual similar to a bird performing its mating dance. Your date’s animal instincts won’t be able to resist you, and they will soon join in on your wild and hardcore partying. Take it from the best: MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Beyonce, Shakira, Usher, The Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith. Gettin’ low, putting your hands up, shakin’ it, and whippin’ your hair will guarantee you a valentine on Monday. If a kiss is the prize you seek, just teach your date how to “Dougie”. Everyone wants to know how. You cannot stand in the corner drinking punch for the entire night. It makes you look sad, lonely, and that much punch is not good for you. Burn away your calories in the middle of the dance floor. Date or no date, you need to get down and show your peers what they are missing by not being there with you. Starting isn’t hard, “it’s just a jump to the left…” Self consciousness is one of the biggest problems teens face when it comes to dances. No matter what your hair looks like, how unflattering your dress, how high your pants are hoisted, how much you paid for dinner, how much makeup you’re wearing or how terrible the music, when you start to rock your body the sky opens up and the universe has no law, no rule. Everyone can dance. You just have to stop worrying about dancing well .