Jakub Stehlik

In the United States, everything is different, at least from junior Jakub Stehlik’s point of view. Stehlik, an exchange student from the Czech Republic, has only been in the United States for one month, but he is quickly adjusting to the differences between American and Czech culture. Stehlik has came to Ames High from Usti Nad Labem, one of the largest cities in his native country. “There, it is very different than here,” Stehlik said. “There is a college there–other than that, there is nothing that is the same. My city there is small, but there are about 100,000 people. Also, it is not as flat.” There are a far greater number of differences between the two towns than similarities, especially in regard to education. “The schools are very different,” Stehlik said. “In my town, there are seven high schools [and] we do not have all of our classes every day. We have fourteen different classes, but we only have seven classes in a day.” In addition to the school schedule, Stehlik said that the approach to activities in the Czech Republic is very different than that of the United States. “There are no sports for school,” he said. “Only local clubs.” Sports are certainly an important change for Stehlik, because swimming is a very important aspect of his life. He is currently on the varsity swim team, and he says that he hopes that the team will win state together. Although Stehlik appreciates many of the changes between the two countries, he says that there are some things he doesn’t like as much about the United States. “Here, I don’t see people walking. It’s like a dead city. Also, I am still getting used to the culture.” Except for a few things, he says that overall, he really does like the US. And what has been the best thing about his new home so far? “The people here are much more friendly.” he said. “And, I like the bacon here.”