Max Peterson, Scott MacDonald laying down beats and mixing treats

Saving our ears once again, the dynamic DJ team of AHS graduates Max Peterson and Zach Heilman, along with their good friend senior Scott MacDonald, have agreed to take the floor at Winter Formal this year. “Yeah, when I heard [the DJ that the school had originally hired] couldn’t do it, I decided I could take another hit,” said Peterson, a thirteenth-grader at Ames High. Many may have noticed that the music at this year’s Homecoming was significantly better than past years. The answer lies in Max’s unique approach to DJing: crowd involvement. “I always hear people complain about the dance’s music, so I decided to make a post on Facebook where people could request their favorite songs,” Peterson said. In addition to Facebook, he and Heilman, who call themselves Constructive Interference, teamed up with fellow graduate David Naylor to create a computer kiosk system for requests during the dance. Between studying at ISU, kicking butt on Minecraft, and working his technological magic around the school as the district’s youngest computer technician, Peterson has grown his DJ business with Heilman. The typical setup for Peterson takes several hours, including lights hung from the ceiling and professional-grade speakers placed around the venue. Then, Heilman mans the light board to create the atmosphere while Peterson lays down the boom from iTunes on his laptop. For Homecoming and Tucheze, and again tomorrow at Winter Formal, however, MacDonald shares the music-making–for obvious reasons. Both still recall the time when Max took over the music and “the crowd booed ‘Change it back!’ immediately.” Peterson grimaces. That aside, MacDonald is definitely well-qualified. When not mixing beats, [CENSORED], and threatening to kill good reporters who just wanted to write about bringing spaghetti back into Winter Formal (Seriously. Where’s all the spaghetti?), Scott manages to keep a 5 point (weighted) GPA and to excel in Pre-Calculus. Really, if you’re struggling with Math, just ask this wizard what to do when he’s not Saving the World of course! This year at Winter Formal, Peterson and Heilman promise to bring the party, and MacDonald to bring the beats. “We’re looking at doing some more mashups and remixes,” said MacDonald. “It’s hard though–kids don’t really want to dance to techno they’ve never heard of, so we’ll have to keep a lot of Usher and Katy Perry.”