Skins By Jacob Rogers “The average teenager has only three things on their mind: drugs, sex, and partying.” This depiction of teenagers is completely off and is the reason most adults look down upon us. These views are largely due to MTV shows like Skins . This show follows six “average” teenagers that are living “the normal teen life.” Yet I find that this is false. I do not know any teens that have gone to a party, stolen a car and then drowned it in a lake, miraculously popping out as if nothing happened. Now, I’m willing to admit that there are kids out there who do drugs and party all the time, but when this is represented as “average,” the foot must be dropped. This show is based off the British show of the same name, thus the people who made Skins in the US were very lazy. They made very little line changes, such as changing the gay actor to a lesbian one. In the British version, even though there is a gay male, he is still accepted in the group. Now, maybe the MTV producers just wanted to make it seem like they were not just copying, but this could be deeper than we are seeing. So far, we have met Tony, Tea, Stanley, Michelle, Abbud, Daisy, Chris, and Cadie. Tony is the ringleader and always manages to get his way in a manipulative manner. From the start, you can see how disrespectful he is to his father by blaring music in the morning and not knowing how to turn it off so he can get his hungover sister inside the house. Then he locks his father out of the bathroom and slides down a a rail outside the window while brushing his teeth. In each episode we meet more and more of the cast. They all have different backgrounds and are coming from different places, yet that does not stop them from hanging out and being good friends. There are some parts of this show that I’ve seen that I can agree with but I still find it very difficult to understand that this is an accurate depiction of a normal teen. The Show Skins is a horrible view on the teenage life because of the facts stated above with the consent drinking, smoking of the weed, and the sex. Maybe its just me but I do not know anyone that is constantly doing these three things. Alas, I will admit to the fact that I enjoy that the show states that even though the teens are very different they’re still friends.