V-Day really isn’t that confusing

Valentine’s Day is yet another one of those Hallmark holidays where we are forced to buy unnecessary candy, flowers, and cards. Couples all over the world are sharing their love for each other–blah, blah, blah. Guys pretend that they like buying all the cliche gifts for their girlfriends and wives, and women pretend like we have a clue what to get our guy. This year instead of buying into all the corporate marketing schemes, let’s get creative. Although, guys, lots of girls actually do like the candy, flowers (get roses–don’t cheap out), and jewelry (women like sparkly things, it’s true). For the guys out there who have waited until the day before, here are a few ideas. Handmade. Anything goes. Save money to spend on your car and video games by making something from scratch. From a photo collage to her favorite meal, your crush will love that you cared enough to make it. Pay attention to hints . Remember how you were at the mall with your girl and she said she really likes (insert obnoxiously expensive item here) but didn’t want to spend the money on herself. Go get it! Gift certificates can be a good gift. If it comes with a date later. For example, a gift certificate to Walmart probably isn’t going to fly, but one to a nice restaurant for a cute date (NOT takeout) is a good idea. It’s like opening one surprise to get another. For my fellow ladies out there the following is for you. Guys are pretty simple. The trademarks of Valentine’s Day (chocolate, flowers, jewelry, etc.) most guys don’t wait anxiously all year long to receive. They usually don’t even know what they want for Valentine’s Day, because women, let’s face it, this is our holiday. Food IS the way to a man’s heart. I hate to say this but ladies break out the cookbooks and get out your grandma’s apron. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about women’s civil rights, but It’s been like this since the dawn of time, and it’s not changing anytime soon. It doesn’t have to be a big surprise. Yes, most of us are into the big surprises for most major holidays, but guys really don’t care that much. Your crush is mostly just really happy he is getting to spend a lot of quality time with you, and if he gets (said car part or video game) that’s cool too. If he asks for something, get him exactly what he wants. He doesn’t just want anything he wants THAT specific thing. Pay attention to details, study up and get him exactly what he asked for. He’ll finally have to admit that you do pay attention. While this is really a Hallmark cash-cow holiday to offset the quiet of the after-holiday card market and no one’s ever heard of St. Valentine, it doesn’t matter, because the real meaning of Valentine’s Day is showing love to those who love you. So break out the heart cards and bring on the cheesy gifts! After all, it’s only one day a year.