Ames Hi Aims High

Ames Hi Aims High! By Jacob Rogers As the runners leave the start of the one hundred meter dash, as students walk into the office, and when staring up at the football score board you see the phrase Ames Hi Aims High. The motto describes everything that Ames High stands for in the concept of welcoming everyone and aiming for greatness. Created just nine years before World War Two a young female won the contest. The reason for it being used as Hi was back in the big major wars Hi was used to also be used as High. It was also posted wrong on the track field as Ames High Aims Hi for nine years. The mistake was later fixed to Ames Hi Aims High. Regardless of the change, for many years, students continued to write the phrase down as Ames high Aims Hi. A popular takeoff of the Ames Hi Aims High phrase is the Ames high Gets high, which finds its roots in a convention that could be seen as Iowa’s version of Woodstock. Several hundred students camped in the Ames high football field and listened to 20 different music groups, to name a few, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Jefferson Aiplane. Ames High has seemed to have this saying since the beginning of time, yet has only been here since the nineteen thirties. There was a contest for what the school quote should be and a former Ames High graduate Marjorie Price Baker won the contest. One year before she died, she asked if it was still being used. She was surprised to hear that it was not only being used but it was very prominently posted though out the school. This great school is accompanied by a fantastic motto because it allows people to understand that we reach high and our dreams aim beyond the clouds.