Sending out an SOS

W hen I was a teenager, George Harrison was fundraising for Bangladesh , John Lennon was singing Imagine . I wanted to change the world. I spent 7 months in Africa, 2 weeks in a mud hut. No electricity, no toilets, nothing. I ate country rat and it was good. The poverty was incredible to an American, but every night the drums played and we danced. I left Africa receiving more than I ever gave. It is harder to be poor in America, surrounded by wealth. Did you know there are kids in Ames schools from homeless families? S.O.S. (Support Our Students) raises money to buy school supplies for kids in need in the Ames schools. I saw the Dalai Lama last May at UNI . He said: Schools focus on grades, but students must be taught compassion, this will solve social problems. Parts of the world are really suffering because their governments are corrupt. Compassion for others is the way to change the world. After noon, come to room 8 of the media center to donate $1 to S.O.S. You will get a sticker and a green leaf. On the leaf write a quote or your own thoughts on how to change the world! The leaves will go up on my windows. This is a chance to give for the sake of giving, not just for your resume. “You say you want a revolution, you want to change the world” – start today, here, now!