Registration for 2011 / 2012 school year

Over the last couple weeks, the question of “When is registration?” has been widespread among the halls of Ames High School. Last year, registration took place in early spring. However, as of now, there has been little mention of registration. Despite this apparent lack of attention, the registration process has been making progress. Vice Principal Michael Avise attributes the late registration start to two main factors. “Budget-wise, we needed to know where we would stand,” Avise said. “Also, we needed to make sure that class choices would be feasible.” Although registration will be later this year, Avise said the administration still hopes to hand out student schedules before the summer break for students to meet with their counselors and make necessary changes. One change to the registration process will be online registration, through the infinite campus portal. This will ideally make the distribution of schedules earlier. In past years, class registration has been done through a paper form process, where students found class listings and descriptions in a course manual and then filled out a registration form with their class requests. After these forms were turned in, volunteers were necessary to sort through all of the papers and enter class requests into the computer. With the online system, however, much of this hassle will be reduced. The middle step involving volunteers will no longer be needed, speeding up the registration process. Also, students will be able to simply type in their requested class names to access descriptions and then register through that method. This new system will provide ready information for students. For example, the program will tell students if they have already taken a class, if they have only signed up for one semester of a two semester class, and so on. In addition, parents and counselors will be able to access the information directly off infinite campus. Online registration will not be the only change in the registration process this year. Like every year, it is likely there will be some change in the classes offered. However, it’s certain there will not be any changes to graduation requirements, student class load minimums, or the opportunity for students to take classes through DMACC and ISU. Although the exact classes are not yet known for certain, students will be able to find out about the new classes on Wednesday.