5 Day a Week PE

What happened to normal two day a week PE? Wasn’t that enough….? Yes, It’s true. Soon all Ames High students will be able to take PE FIVE Days a week. The class is being offered for the first time for the 2011-2012 school year. So what’s the difference? “Two day per week PE (with lifting) is great for in season lifting and maintaining strength. It allows athletes to get two lifts per week in during the season . . . It is also great for students who want to lift but can’t fit the five day PE into their schedule or are interested in the lifting but not the running part of the five day per week PE.” Whereas… “Five day per week PE is great for any student looking to become stronger, faster, quicker, and more explosive off their feet. This is for athletes not in season and students not in athletics but who enjoy working out. This class will consist of Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday lifting and Tuesday/ Thursday speed, plyometric and agility workouts.” Most students agree that PE twice a week for around thirty minutes a day will not make anyone healthier nor teach the real aspects of physical education. But, five day a week could possibly actually make a difference in your physique. I warn of course, this all depends on how much effort you put into your PE workouts. Unfortunately, this class is not geared toward students trying to get in shape. It’s geared towards current athletes who already know how to work out, are most likely in shape, and mostly understand how hard to work to stay in shape. It’s disappointing that with childhood obesity increasing that there isn’t a real Personal Wellness class. A class that could be geared towards helping those with weight and/or health problems understand how to work out, get in shape, and help each maintain their own healthy weight could be extremely beneficial. Sadly, that’s not the case here. So, what PE should you take? Well, like the handy handout says you have to ask yourself, “Which PE is best for my situation?” If you’re an athlete that likes to work out, don’t have a lot of free time, and don’t mind smelling going to your next class, go for it. Just don’t be offended when I ask the teacher if I can move seats when you come in smelling like your gym bag.