Marcus Saddler is a spunky sophomore

Activities: Football, Drill Team, Track, Funny People’s Club If you could be any animal, which would you choose to be? I’d be a T-Rex because they’re fierce, they run fast, and they have adorable little arms. If you could use a time machine to travel to any time period, when would you choose? I’d go back to the 80s because I love their style and and black people were awesome. Which teacher would you most like to trade wardrobes with for a week? Mr. Woolery, definitely. I love his sweaters. What is your favorite class in school? Art because I can let my creativity flow free. And I guess I like to draw. If you could live inside one movie plot line, which movie would you choose? I’d live in Pineapple Express because it’s hilarious and I’d love to… kick my foot through a cop’s windshield… Would you rather be rich and famous or rich and secretive? Secretive. Being famous would be such a hassle. The girls would be all over that. Tell us about your hair. I get it done once a month because I love the designs and art that I can wear on my head. Who is your favorite senior? Pierce Hanway. Every time I see him he makes me laugh. He influenced me to want to join Drill Team. That kid is so fat. With a “ph.” What do you do on the weekends? When I’m not hanging out with my girlfriend, I ride my Pegasus to Candy Island and frolic through the lollipop fields. Do you have any advice for the freshmen? Don’t be afraid to try something new. Also, don’t stand around in the hallways. It’s annoying.