Ferrell takes over on The Office

Michael Scott’s abrupt ending as Scranton regional manager of the Dunder Mufflin Paper Co. shocked the office workers on NBC’s The Office . Scott’s eventful marriage proposal to his office love, Holly Flax, and the announcement that he and Flax would be moving to Colorado was a bitter-sweet moment. Those who regularly watch The Office know that Scott’s humor annoys most of the staff, the “That’s What She Said” jokes for instance, but middle-age Scott finally met someone that he truly loves and is right for him. This announcement calls for a Scranton Regional Manager replacement. Scott’s farewell episodes begin when Scott is sitting at a bar, waiting to take his replacement on a tour of the Scranton office. Another man is sitting across from him, and he is also waiting for someone. They begin conversing, but Scott keeps in mind that his replacement is late and gives him a call. The man’s cell phone starts ringing, so he politely gets up to answer the call. After successfully avoiding eye contact, Scott and the man finally realize that they were waiting for each other. Scott and viewers then meet the new Regional Manager, DeAnglo Vickers, played by Will Ferrell. Vickers is surprisingly similar to Scott. They both think highly of themselves, and their humor is nearly the same. Vickers seems to to have more self-control and the potential to be an actual boss, however. In an interview with NBC, Ferrell described his character as “an inspirational person and a leader” who once weighed 425 lbs. and was successful in losing the weight. On Vickers’ first day, the staff works very hard to get on his good side. Daryl, the warehouse manager, has one of his friends bring him south-western apparel because Vickers’ favorite region the southwestern United States. Jim and Pam even bring their baby to work so Vickers can meet her. The other office workers laugh at what ever he says and try very hard to find things that they have in common with their new boss. While everyone is doing their best to impress Vickers, Scott tries to maintain his status at the office. For example, Scott retells the story of their meeting the night before, and no one understands it. One accountant even says it’s stupid. When Vickers steps in and says the same thing as Scott, the staff laughs. The staff has obviously moved on, and Scott becomes jealous of Vickers. Vickers continues to make “power moves”. When Scott has had enough, he brings in peanut butter sandwiches for for the staff, knowing that Vickers has a peanut allergy. Vickers is worried that “nut particles” in the air will trigger an allergic reaction, but Scott says, “No one had a problem with the air until you came around!” Vickers calls for a meeting, and Scott tries to stop the staff from going. Jim says, “Listen. You’re the one who decided to leave. You know we have to do this.” Scott then realizes that he must move on, like parents deciding to not be as protective of their grown-up children. Vickers and Scott then makeup in an awkward, hugging embrace. Vickers goes back to the conference room and shuts the door, and a satisfied Scott goes into his office and shuts the door as well. This ending truly represents Democratic transfer of power and the hardships involved with change. Even though Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, is basically a “living legend”, Ferrell’s DeAnglo Vickers shows great potential to be a memorable character on The Office .