New comic section in the media center is manga-nificent!

“I long for him,” she said. “But… I understand. There’s a line vampires and humans can’t cross.” What is this from, you ask? The new Twilight sequel, with a cool name like Daybreak or Solar Wind or something? The best dream you’ve ever had? Something I made up that doesn’t relate to the rest of the article? Well, Goldilocks, none of these answers are “just right.” It was an excerpt from a manga (Japanese comic) I checked out from the new manga section of the media center. The perks of the media center are far too numerous to name. You’ve already heard us here at the WEB praise this academic greenhouse where students’ learning flourishes. The media center hates groups of more than four people sitting at tables. I also hate this. By the transitive property, I love the media center, and the number four. Tetrads rock. The only thing I adore more than quartic cartels are vampires. I’m all caught up in the hype of the present-day vampire culture. The classic Dracula-with-a-cape prototype vampire that can turn into a bat is pretty cool, but what really gets me going is the new handsome, sensitive, and emotional vampire that glitters in the sun. Luckily, the media center had just the right thing for my vampire fetish: a manga entitled Vampire Knight . I had very high expectations that it would be totally awesome, like everything in the media center is. It totally was. As soon as I picked up the book the wrong way and gave away the ending to myself, I was in love. (For the uniformed, manga comics are read from right to left, so the cover is on the opposite side from the usual, standard book format.) I loved this switch-a-roo so much, I think I’m going to start reading all of my books backwards. A lot of books would be great in reverse. Case in point: An annoying, angsty boy learns how to stop freaking out and then goes back to live a peaceful life under a staircase. That’s Harry Potter backwards! And [censored] would come back to life! On a related note, everyone should watch out in the parking lot, I may switch up my lane choice as well. Vampire Knight is a comic about a girl who attends a school that has a day class for normal students and a night class for students who are secretly vampires, and to pull a direct quote from the narration of the book, “they are all extremely beautiful.” It’s an incredible rip-off of Twilight, but who cares, Osama’s dead! That’s really all I have to say about the plot. The rest of the time I spent admiring the spiky-haired characters in the pictures. I kept trying to figure out what direction the light was coming from in the drawings. No matter where the characters were, their eyes had an incredible, shining glare on them. I propose that we proliferate the manga-to-actual-book-ratio in the media center so that over half of the books are manga. Also, take out the computer labs and replace them with rooms inside of which the only allowed activity is manga-reading. Manga labs. Magnificent.