Personality Profile: Elizabeth Nutty

What’s red, white, and speckled all over? That’s right – gingers. The recessive allele for red, or sometimes orange hair originated in Ireland, but it is evident that the ginger population has taken attention from our mass media recently. Because of South Park’s infamous “Ginger Kids” episode from their 9th season and its claims of the ginger, or red haired and heavily freckled, race having no soul, many have began to fear these beings. Many gingers have become embarrassed and infuriated, like the guy on YouTube that goes to church and claims that “gingers have souls”, and celebrities like Lindsay Lohan that die their hair, attempting to cover up their ginger identities. Contrary to popular belief, only 1-2% of the human race are gingers, making this “race” statistically a rare sight. So, why should a show like South Park make anyone ashamed of having red hair? Fear not: freshman Elizabeth Nutty is a ginger, and proud of it. “It’s my favorite part about myself,” Nutty said. “It used to only be the color of my hair, but I’ve changed my mind about that – it’s special. And I do have a soul, no matter what Mr. Webb or South Park says.” Nutty has already made a name for herself during her first year of high school by being in the Cookie Baking Club, winter cheer, and climbing her way up the Varsity lineup of the Ames High Girls tennis team. Although tennis is her favorite activity and she enjoyed meeting the upperclassmen on the team, she also had to experience the hardest part of tennis season for every freshman without a car: hauling around that giant racquet bag. “Trying to fit my tennis stuff in my locker is starting to become harder. I feel like my bag is getting bigger while my locker is getting smaller,” Nutty said. “[She] adds gingerness and smiles to the team.” Junior and tennis player Sophia Smarandescu said. “She’s always smiling. It’s kind of scary, really, but she’s great.” It caused a few giggles at the Boone Invitational tennis meet when a coach called her “Nooty”. However, her last name is pronounced just as it is spelt, and just like the common definition, “pertaining to nuts”. However, many on the girls tennis team like to call Elizabeth by her last name, or any creative renditions of it. “I have learned to somewhat like my last name, and I love the nicknames like Walnut, Cashew, and Nutter Butter,” Nutty said. With her last name, it may be no surprise that Nutty is considering nut-rition as a future career. When she’s not playing tennis, Nutty enjoys everything most teenagers enjoy: playing with her dog, Cody, reality television (Ghost Adventures is her favorite), and of course, Justin Bieber. “I am a ‘Be-lieber’, and listen to Justin Bieber way more than the average person. I definitely have Bieber Fever,” Nutty said. Ever since she had heard “One Time” on the radio, Nutty fell in love. Then, she went to JB concert in Des Moines last May, where her love only grew stronger. With her bright red hair, but even brighter smile, Elizabeth Nutty has a bright future during and after her remainding three years of high school. Besides graduating and winning more matches, she plans to “travel the world with [her] intelligent, attractive husband”, and is making sure to visit one particular place. “I want to go to the Netherlands during September because they have a redhead festival. That is definitely on my bucket list.”