Students Lose their Freedom of Food

As unsettling growls and moans echo down the empty halls of Ames High, one can only wonder what causes these bizarre noises. They are not made by animals hiding in the walls or monsters looming in the basement, rather, these bellows arise from the bellies of students that are growling for breakfast or snacks in the classroom. “I find this new ‘no food in classrooms’ rule to be totally unfair,” junior Mikayla Sullivan said. “As a matter of fact, it should be against the Constitution to take away our right of [having] food.” The administration claims the cockroaches scuttling across the school’s floors are caused by students’ munching. In order to get rid of these pests, food is only allowed in the cafeteria, junior/senior room, and the courtyard. Some students insist that the administration should be more flexible and bend the rule for certain instances. “As long as you’re careful, you should be able to eat in classrooms,” junior Liz Mullen said. “If you have sports or are just plain busy in the morning, you may need to eat a little snack during the day.” As a matter of fact, research has shown a critical importance for students to have food in the morning. A study by E. Pollitt on fasting and cognition in well- and undernourished schoolchildren, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , found that children who don’t eat breakfast struggle more with differentiating among visual images and with memory recall. However, it doesn’t seem that the new no-food policy is going to change to accommodate the busy morning and hungry students. Perhaps there is still hope for the aching stomachs of Ames High. If the cockroach dilemma does not improve, this could uncover a different source to the problem. “I believe it may be more of a cleaning issue,” Mullen said. “The administration shouldn’t be so quick to blame the school’s problems on the students.” Whether the policy is here to stay or will be extinct by the end of the year, at least students are able to be confident that the administration is attempting to make the best decisions for our school.