Max Chu

Max Chu is a junior who moved to Ames from Singapore. 1. What is the best part of the US (compared to Singapore)? The weather here is much cooler and there’s a larger variety of food to eat. 2. Are there any clubs or activities that you plan to become involved in? I hope to make the soccer team and join iBad (intramural badminton). 3. What is the best part of Singapore (compared to the US)? All school sports are played year-round in Singapore, whereas the school sports in the US are played only during their respective seasons. 4. What are schools like in Singapore? The school year in Singapore begins in January and ends in November. Schools in Singapore are very exam-orientated and place huge emphasis on academic results. It is mandatory for all students there to have an extra-curricular activity. 5. One interesting fact about you? I was the captain of the badminton team back at my school in Singapore. 6. Favorite sports team? Chelsea Football Club (that’s REAL football, by the way) 7. Favorite type of music? Rock and Hip Hop 8. If you were a pokemon, which would one you be and why? I’d be a pika chu ! We share the same last name! 9. Which Harry Potter character are you most like? I think I’m most like Ron because I’m really clumsy and forgetful.