Mrs.Miller is back at Ames High

What classes are you teaching this year: “9th writing/speech workshop, 9th lit, and 10th honors” What did you miss most about Ames High and why: “The staff and students because Ames High has such a family atmosphere.” Favorite books and authors: “The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I’m in the middle of the second one right now. I also like Jodi Picoult.” What did you do this summer: “I took care of my five month old daughter, Kate, and started my master’s in English teaching at UNI.” Thing your most looking forward to this year: “Making seating charts for my newly arrived desks! And, in a deeper sense of the word, I’m looking forward to meeting new students and teachers and coaching speech.” Best movie you saw this summer: “I have a five month old. So, naturally, Harry Potter.”