Nastya Dovgopolova brings a smile to Ames High

What do you like about Ames? I like Ames because it is so cozy and clean. I like that in the United States people are more friendly and helpful. I like that students here have the oppurtunity to choose their own classes and activities based on what they want to become, and that they can think about what they want to be in their own future. Also, at school and in sports, people change their whole circle of people. Through sports and activities, people can express themselves. I love that in Ames at AHS, our cross country team is like a big family. What activities are you involved in at AHS? I am currently involved in cross country, but I would also like to try tennis, drama, and winter cheer. I want to try everything in American schools because in Ukraine, we don’t have as many oppurtunities to join sports and clubs. What are some differences between the US and Ukraine? The way people communicate here, the food, and the schools are different. People here are more outgoing, and everyone here tries to help other people. When you walk into a store or something, people always say ‘how are you?’ and ‘have a good day!’ What are some parts of the United States that you don’t like? The food [in the US] is not as good because it is unhealthy. In Ukraine, we ate more vegetables and fruits. We had junkfood, but in America it is much more popular. What is similar between the US and Ukraine? The interests of teenagers are similar. In Ukraine, teenagers enjoy going to the cinema, playing sports, acting in drama clubs, hanging out in cafes in restaurants, travelling, and camping. Also, the relationships between classmates and teachers are similar. What motivated you to be a foreign exchange student in the US? I decided to spend a year in the United States because I have always wanted to see more, know more about another country’s culture and traditions. I like to change, and gain more experiences. I am here so I can just share my culture, and learn more about the United States culture. I’m pleased that the people here are so nice, and have good attitudes. I’m very thankful to the people here. I love America!