Richard Jiles

Where are you from? Cardiff, Wales. I lived there for 5 ½ years. Before that I lived in Ames. What do you like about Ames? It’s really easy to get around like CyRide, in the UK the transportation was unreliable. The people are very welcoming over here, and I also love Downtown Deli. What activities are you getting involved in at Ames High? I run cross country and I’m going to start in Gentleman’s Breakfast Club. I also like to mountain bike, which is something that I picked up in the UK. How is Ames High different from your school in Wales? In Wales we had to wear school uniforms. Any plans for Homecoming yet? I don’t think I’ve been here long enough to find a girl to ask, but who knows. I still have some time. Do you own a pair of wellies? Yeah, but I left them in the UK. They’re big and green and are made out of rubber, to, you know, keep the water out. Does your accent attract the ladies of the US? Yes, i think so. Girls used to say, “I like your accent.” What Harry Potter character would you date? Emma Watson, though I don’t know what this has to do with traveling to the UK. Are the girls better in the US or in Wales? I would say the US. In the UK they wear too much makeup, and on average they are a bit chubbier.