Parallel coming to the school. By Jacob Rogers Ultimate is on its way to becoming a school club. The ultimate Frisbee team has normally been non affiliated with the school but this year it will see changes. With the help and support of Principal Evans, who plans on sponsoring the group of Frisbee players. “I will be buying the Ultimate disc this year, setting up event announcements for them, and anything else they need i want to help and support them,” Evans said. Ultimate is a sport much like football, you have two goal areas, you throw the Frisbee to one of your teammates and try to get a person in the goal area and catch it. the trick is you cannot move if you have the Frisbee in your hands. Alas, you also have the other team doing whatever they can to make you drop the Frisbee and create a turnover. The goal lines are 25 feet in on a 70 by 40 yard field. The Ames team is called Parallel, and this summer they had 17 wins with only 1 loss. While clearly a good team, they are always looking for new players to come out and join them. Cody Brown, an enthusiast of sorts for the game ultimate, has been playing for his whole high school career. Coming in as a senior this year, he is looking forward to the team becoming a club here at the school. “I’m looking forward to it becoming a club because think it will bring a lot of new comers”, Brown said. “I think its really cool that Mr. Evans is so supportive of the group.”