Andrew Ellis

Why did you decide to go to AHS instead of Boone like your brother? I’ve been in the Ames homeschool district for a while, and all my friends go here. Plus, they have way more activities and such. Boone doesn’t really have any at all, so I decided to come here. You’ve been home-schooled your whole life, is it menacing to be at a big HS? Nahh, it’s just a whole lot more fun! What eases that transition and what makes it difficult? Knowing a lot of people beforehand has really made the process a lot easier. Not knowing some other people makes it a lot more difficult, though. It’s give and take. What’s your favorite of being in the AHS community? Being done at 3 p.m. is amazing. For homeschool and online classes, I was up until 10 p.m. a lot of nights, so it’s nice to be done early. What’s the worst part about Ames High? Waiting in line for lunch! Are you looking forward to the HS tennis season? Well yeah, but I was also looking forward to playing on the Boone team, so that hurts. But I’m still looking forward to playing for Ames. Do you know a lot of people from Ames already? Yeah. I play club tennis here already, so I know a lot of people through that. Then, I also know a lot of people from church and homeschool basketball league, where a lot of Ames kids play. What kind of a commute do you have? Thirty minutes every day. I live in West Boone, so it’s really pretty awful. Elephant in the room: is your adorable little brother Timmy Ellis coming to Ames? I can’t speak for him, but I hope so!