Sam Rathe

Activities- Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman soccer, Freshman choir Most impressive food you have eaten: Sesame Chicken from PF Chang’s Favorite music/band: Rap. Chitty Bang Craig or Z? Zmolek is a god. Pizza Pit or Jeff’s Pizza? Jeff’s Pizza. Who would have been your ideal senior date for homecoming? Breeana Glenn. Favorite old Kung Fu movie: Karate Kid and I have no taste. Favorite bullying/ trolling technique: To troll my friends, I post like a million comments on their wall. Twilight or Breaking Dawn : Twilight . Jacob is a downer. What vehicle is your ideal birthing place for your unborn children? Camaro How do you relate to Cho Chang as a human, and why don’t you go to the Fall Ball with Harry? I have Asian cousins.